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FORT Demo Warehouse is a state-of-the-art storage and shipping facility in the heart of wine country in Salinas, California. With over 700,000 square feet of storage capacity, fully automated systems, and daily freight pickups, we set the standard for logistics and fulfillment solutions and meet our client's needs from Vine to Table.

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ShipCompliant Implements 209 08/08/2020
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Nebraska Audits 08/09/2019
UPS Tracking Data Retention 06/14/2018
FedEx HAL Service 09/12/2017
CA ABC Scam Warning 11/28/2016
UPS Carbon Neutral Service 02/25/2016
FORT earns UPS Ready Status 02/12/2016
Fedex Ships to ND 09/15/2015
FedEx Alc Shipping to ND Ends 11/01/2013

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