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Ready Status Available 11/03/2021
FedEx Ground Economy FSP 11/01/2021
New Wine AVAs 10/21/2021
Ohio Direct Shipping 10/01/2021
Shipment Email Failure Report 09/29/2020
ShipCompliant Implements 209 08/08/2020
VineSpring (V3) Integration 06/15/2020
FedEx Platinum Tier Award! 01/17/2020
Nebraska Audits 08/09/2019
UPS Tracking Data Retention 06/14/2018
FedEx HAL Service 09/12/2017
CA ABC Scam Warning 11/28/2016
UPS Carbon Neutral Service 02/25/2016
FORT earns UPS Ready Status 02/12/2016
Fedex Ships to ND 09/15/2015
FedEx Alc Shipping to ND Ends 11/01/2013

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